[gradsusr] Plotting zero for undefined values (as an image)

Matt Bunkers - WFO UNR matthew.bunkers at noaa.gov
Wed May 20 12:37:16 EDT 2015


I am adding observed precipitation from 3 consecutive days and on occasion
there will be undefined areas in small portions of my grid files.  Instead
of having nothing (or blank spaces) plotted when I sum the three files, I
would like to change the undefined values to zero (basically assuming no
precip) and then add the files.  I used the "set undef 0.0" command but I
still don't get the data to plot (i.e., I have blank/missing areas).  Is
there a way I can get the undef to be 0.0 so they will not plot as blank
spaces and instead sum with the regular defined values?


-- Matt
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