[gradsusr] correlation of sea ice cover and total precipitation

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Mon May 18 00:12:00 EDT 2015

Dear users,
I had difficulty to determine the correlation of both variables, sea ice cover and total precipitation in two different latitude and longitude. Below the command that i use but it's come out with error. Please really need help from anyone that expert in grads software.
'reinit'*  'sdfopen D:\atiqah\GrADs\Real\Data\IceCover_TP_1981-2010.nc'* 'set lon 0 360' 'set lat -90 -30'* 'set t 1 12' 'climCI=ave(ci,time=jan1981,time=dec2010,12)' 'modify climCI seasonal' 'anomCI=ci-climCI'** 'set lon 95 160' 'set lat -12 20'**   'set t 1 12'  'TPave=ave(TP*0.0926*24*60*60*30,t=Jan1981,time=dec2010,12)'  'modify TPave seasonal'  'anomTP=TP-TPave'  'stDv=sqrt(ave(pow(TPave-TP,2),time=jan1981,time=dec2010,12))'  'Norm=anomTP/stDv'**  'd tcorr(anomCI,Norm,time=jan1981,time=dec2010)'*
Thank you in advance
p/s: I'm really new to this software.
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