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I tried that, and now I get an error that says "Set error, missing or
invalid arguments for T option, then is starts looping the first timestep.  

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After the while
'Set t 'count

Then the next time around the time step will increase ( count = count +1)
ie/ one time step advanced)

Should work then

Cheers Howard

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I almost have this working, but it does not advance through the timesteps.
It loads the first timestep, saves the image, then clears the screen, and
then loads the first timestep again, saves it, and so on.

Below is the script I set up to test this, so perhaps you can see where I
went wrong.  Thanks!

'set datawarn off'

Count = 1
while (count > 80)

'set t '1

'set lat 35 50'
'set lon -95 -65'
'set mproj scaled'
'set display color white'
'set map 1'
'set mpdset hires'
'set mpdraw on'
'set timelab off'
'set grid off'
'set font 0'
'set strsiz .1'

  'q time'
    timestr=subwrd(result, 3)
    day=substr(result, 11, 9)
    hr=substr(result, 8, 2)
   'draw string 9.1 0.2 'day' 'hr z
   'draw string 8.7 0.2 'weekday1
'set csmooth on'
'set cterp on'
'set gxout contour'
'set clopts -1 -1 0.06'
'set cmin 900'
'set cmax 1100'
'color 900 1100 2 -gxout contour -kind
'set cthick 2'
'd smth9(prmslmsl/100)'

'printim test'day'-'hr'z.png x1280 y960'

Count = Count + 1

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Subject: [gradsusr] Re image for each time step

Print many variables for a time series (step through time series)

Count = 1
While (Count> 120 			final time step

'set t 'count				ie/ first time step

'set stuff lat lon maps etc

'd apcpsfc' 				display variable
'd t2m'					display another variable
'd mslp'					etc

Print image
'gxprint image_'Count .png x1200 y800'

Count = Count + 1				next time step
'c'						clear display
Endwhile					loops between While and
endwhile to print individual time steps	

kind regards 

Howard Staines
Metris New Zealand 

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