[gradsusr] Plot Height vs an area averaged variable

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I would use a loop function to loop through the timesteps & create a time-average out of all the required values through each iteration. 
Maybe it's also wise to place your lat/lon configuration separetely. 

'set lat 14.8 14.8' 
'set lon 120.4 121.9' 

'define maxmaps = 3' *or whatever you want 
'define counter = 0' 

while ( counter<maxmaps ) 
'set t ' counter 

* Place script here 

counter = counter+1 

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Onderwerp: [gradsusr] Plot Height vs an area averaged variable 

Hello fellow grads users, 

I would like to plot a vertical profile of moisture. In this case, I would like to plot the Height (y axis) vs the area average of this variable and also averaged in time (say from t=1 to t=3).Here's my sample script. Any ideas how to correct this? I got an error about the dimensions. 
Thanks for the help,.. 

open BMJ.ctl' 
'set display color white' 
'set grid off' 
'set grads off' 
'set z 1 20' 
'define qave=aave(qvapor,lon=120.4,lon=121.9,lat=14.4,lat=14.8)' 
'define test=ave(qave,t=25,t=145)' 
'd test' 
'set x 1' 
'set y 1' 
'set grads off' 
'set cint 1' 
'set xaxis -3 3 0.5' 
'draw ylab height' 
'draw xlab test' 
'draw title Global Average of U' 
'printim test1.png' 


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