[gradsusr] Converting 6-hourly GEFS GRIB2 Data to 12-hourly

Perry, Aaron @ LSC Aaron.Perry at lsc.vsc.edu
Sun Jun 29 12:36:06 EDT 2014

Good Afternoon All,

Currently, I'm trying to convert 6-hourly time increments in a GEFS GRIB2 file to 12-hourly time increments.

After running a Google Search, I stumbled upon Wesley's /tricks.wgrib2 website and found the following code for getting just 3 -hourly time increments:

wgrib2 master.small.grb2 | grep APCP | sed 's/-/:/' | sort -t: -k5,5 -k4,4 -k3,3 -kn6,6 -kn7,7 | wgrib2 -i master.small.grb2 -ncep_norm all.done.grb2

I was wondering what piece in that coding I would have to modify in order to convert from 6-hourly to 12-hourly.

Onward and Upward,

Aaron D. Perry
Atmospheric Sciences
Lyndon State College
Class of 2016
Boston, MA
Twitter: @AaronPerryLSC<https://twitter.com/AaronPerryLSC>
Mobile: 617-780-4312
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