[gradsusr] Image axis label aspect ratio.

Ryglicki, David CIV FNMOC david.ryglicki at navy.mil
Wed Jun 25 12:05:42 EDT 2014

Greetings, GrADS list.

Although, I think, this is probably a question for Jennifer specifically. In the attached image I created using (Open)GrADS 2.1.a2, I took advantage of the new font capabilities and used the Utopia font class. On the right side, "Members" and "NVG" are both produced using "set strsiz 0.18". This gives the more square-looking fonts - aspect ratio of 1:1 - that we see in word processors like Word and Writer. But the axes and labels are stretched to GrADS's default font aspect ratio of 6:5 (y:x). At least, I think from trial and error on my end, it's 6:5. I've added a sample image from gnuplot with the Utopia font class that does not have this stretching on the axis labels.

Anyway, is there a way to override this before I give the "draw xlab/ylab/title" commands? Additionally, if there is no way to do this from GrADS itself, can you provide vague directives to modify the source code to fix this?


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