[gradsusr] Use of ^ Character in Descriptor File

Frank Colby Frank_Colby at uml.edu
Mon Jun 23 08:22:57 EDT 2014

I just looked at my ctl files (windows 7) and they all use the ^ to 
default to the current directory.  I have to run grads from that 
directory to make this work.  I use a command window, cd to the 
directory and then run grads from the command line.

Frank Colby
UMass Lowell

On 6/22/2014 10:20 AM, Arlindo da Silva wrote:
> Sephen,
>    In the past "^" expansion worked on windows, but since I am not a 
> windows user I have to rely on users to report such problems.  In 
> fact, the model.ctl that I use for tests has "^" in it and all windows 
> builds passes 100% of the tests.
>    Can you send me the full name of the directory where the data 
> resides? I want to make sure there is no glitch with the handling of 
> specific directory names when expanding "^". Please send me the 2 
> versions of the ctl file: one with the "^" and the other with full 
> pathname and I will take a look.
>    Arlindo
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 9:23 AM, Stephen McMillan 
> <smcmillan at planalytics.com <mailto:smcmillan at planalytics.com>> wrote:
>     This question is for those familiar with MS Windows...
>     The GrADS documentation states that "If a ^ character is placed in
>     front of /data_filename/, then /data_filename/ is assumed to be
>     relative to the path of the descriptor file. If you are using the
>     ^ character in the DSET entry, then the descriptor file and the
>     data file may be moved to a new directory without changing any
>     entries in the data descriptor file, provided their relative paths
>     remain the same."
>     However, I have not been able to get this to work.  My descriptor
>     (.ctl) and data file (.bin) have exactly the same names, apart
>     from the extensions, and reside in the same folder.  Here's the
>     applicable "dset" line in my descriptor file:
>     dset ^tfit.air-nino+soi+amo.lt12.jan51-02.bin
>     If I include the full pathname in dset, it works fine.  However, I
>     want to be able to move the files to a new folder without having
>     to edit the dset entry.  Is there an equivalent for Windows?
>     I'm using GrADS version 2.0.1.oga.1 on a Windows 7 pc.
>     Stephen McMillan
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