[gradsusr] Question about COLA/IGES legend and lower title bar

Kevin M Levey klevey at customweather.com
Wed Jun 11 16:29:39 EDT 2014

WED 11JUN14: 1320PDT

This question is essentially for Jennifer Adams: 

I was wondering about a few items regarding  your COLA/IGES images. Example: 

Firstly, I am quite familiar with imagemagik to manipulate images etc, but was wondering 

1] Are you cropping out everything outside the plot area to end up with your plot above and then adding (#2) the title bar below using imagemagik or is this new functionally in Grads 2.1 using gxprint -f, I’m thinking the latter ?
The reason I ask, is that it appears the font in the lower title area is from GRADS and was wondering if you are adding this as shaded box in the plot area and then adding the text and then doing gxprint -f ? 

2] Is the legend bar that you use (#1) COLA/IGES propriety code or freely available? 

One of the BEST new features of GRDs 2.1 is transparency and the ability to now plot different *shaded*  layers.

Thanks for the great upgrades! 


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