[gradsusr] How to handle Ensemble using sdfopen

Howard Staines metris at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jun 3 20:55:17 EDT 2014

Good morning,
	I am trying to do some work with ensembles using dods opendap access
to gens datasets.
Novice at this and I am having issues with the ens ensemble of e dimention
in the script.

With other dimentions in a script like time

'set t 1' 

So I have tried to use the same for e

.... the data has only one ensemble item for each time step

So I have tried
'set e 1'
'set e 0'
'set ens 1'
'set ens 0'
All no joy
Error is an ' all underfined values' ... the variable ( prmslmsl ) is ok so
I guess the 
The error is all about the e

Any help appreciated

kind regards 

Howard Staines

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