[gradsusr] Using maskout function to apply TWO masks

Roberto Mera RMera at ucsusa.org
Tue Jun 3 16:14:23 EDT 2014

Grads crew:

I would like to get the area average for the temperature for the California Central Valley. I would also like to mask out the ocean so I don't get those temperatures when I take the average. Right now I have a script that masks out the ocean and I have also adapted it for other purposes.

My question is this: How do I apply two masks?

I want to mask out the ocean and also, say >700 m altitude.

Right now my script loops through ensemble members and calculates the time average within each ensemble member and it gives me a number for the area average:

*mskgrd=maskout(ht/ht,ht-0.1) ****this masks out the ocean
count = 1
while (count < 18)
'set e 'count
'd areal'
say areal
if (rc != 0) ; break ; endif
count = count +1


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