[gradsusr] Unable to connect to Xming

Intan Supraba intan.supraba at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 20:19:58 EDT 2014

Dear GrADS team,

Today I installed Xming version for Windows in my laptop and I tried to connect into it but when I typed "grads", I got the message "Error in GXSTRT: Unable to connect to X server" (please refer to attach.)

This is not my first time using GrADS. One year ago I installed the same version of Xming ( in my laboratory PC and I have no problem for using grads till date by using that PC.

So I am thinking that maybe the problem was occured during the installation of Xming into my laptop. So can anyone advise me what possibly went wrong during the installation?
Thanks in advance for your kind help.

Best Regards,
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