[gradsusr] Weibull distribution parameters

Ricardo Hallak ricardo.hallak at iag.usp.br
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Dear Wagner, 
there is not to much information in your request. Anyway, iterative calculations are better handled if you write a fortran or a C code to compute it. After that, you can use GrADS to display results, be it a temporal series or any spatial field. 
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> Assunto: [gradsusr] Weibull distribution parameters

> Dear all,

> I need to develop a script to calculate the shape (k) and scale (C)
> parameters of the Weibull distribution, based on WAsP algorithm.
> The problem is that this calculation involves a gama function, and
> "k" calculation is done using the Brent method (iterative method).

> Do you have any tips on how to do this script?

> Thank you all in advance.

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