[gradsusr] Templates (Error in Data Descriptor File)

Corey Gabriel cjgabriel7 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 11:11:01 EDT 2014


I am trying to create a time series spanning 150 years using templating to
plot 3 files together.  Aparently there is a problem with my descriptor
file.  I can't identify the problem.  I've provided the content of the data
descriptor file and the error message produced when I attempt to run the
executable file in gads.

Thanks so much!

*DSET /stu_home/corey/tos_Omon_GISS-E2-H_historical_r1i1p1_.%ch.nc
<http://ch.nc>CHSUB 1 612 185001-190012CHSUB 613 1212 190101-195012CHSUB
1213 1872 195101-200512OPTIONS templateDTYPE netcdfTITLE SST (C)
Nino3.4UNDEF  1.e+20 _FillValueOPTIONS 365_day_calendarXDEF lon 144 linear
1.25 2.5YDEF lat 90 linear -89 2TDEF time 1872 linear 01jan1850 1moVARS 1
tos=>sst 0 t,x,y Sea Surface TemperatureENDVARS*

xdfopen GISShisttemplate.ctl
Scanning Descriptor File:  GISShisttemplate.ctl
read_metadata: gaopfn failed (rc=-88888)
gadsdf: Couldn't ingest SDF metadata.
SDF Descriptor file GISShisttemplate.ctl was not successfully opened &
EXEC error:  error in GISShisttemplate.x.  EXEC stopped.
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