[gradsusr] Saving local copies of OPENDAP NetCDF files using SDFWRITE

Huw Davies john.huw.davies at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 13:54:41 EDT 2013

Hello team.

I am using RTOFS current files using OPeNDAP. My script is:


*open data file (need to specify correct file) 



* save local copy

'set t 1 last'

'set x 1 4320'

'set y 1 2160'

'define u = u_velocity'

'set sdfwrite u_curr.nc'

'sdfwrite u'

'define v = v_velocity'

'set sdfwrite v_curr.nc'

'sdfwrite v'


This saves a NetCDF file which I can open using 'sdfopen' and has the
correct parameters and variable ('u'). 

However when I try to plot the variable I receive the error:

'Cannot contour grid - all undefined values'


Most grateful for any guidance.


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