[gradsusr] Files for polar stereographic map projection

sim.aberson sim.aberson at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 31 15:03:13 EST 2013

I have written fortran code to output fields on a south polar
stereographic grid.  When I plot, the values seem to drift from their
correct location as I get further into my file, so I am doing something
wrong.  My control file has:

   XDEF    360   LINEAR  -180.000     1.000000
   YDEF    300   LINEAR   -90.000     0.009009

When I write the file, do I write the 360 points at -90 latitude (even
though they are all the same value), or is GrADS just expecting one
value there, followed by the 360 points for the next latitude.  I am
doing the former, but if GrADS is expecting the latter, that could
account for the drift.

I could not find this information in the online documentation.


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