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First, you will have to create a CONTROL file to read your GRIB data.
e.g. my GRIB data file is named as ifile.grb
So I am creating a ifile.ctl which looks as
   OPTIONS sequential
   UNDEF  -9.99e+36
   XDEF 360 LINEAR -179.5 1
   YDEF 180 LINEAR  -89.5 1
   ZDEF   1 LINEAR 1 1
   TDEF   1 LINEAR 00:00Z15jun1990 1mo
   VARS   1
   ps  1  99  description of the variable

or you can prepare CONTROL file with the following command provided
grib2ctl.pl and wgrib is installed in your Linux /UNIX machine

grib2ctl.pl ifile.grb > ifile.ctl

Finally use CDO
cdo -f nc import_binary ifile.ctl ofile.nc

Hope it will help you.

Kind Regards

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> dear friends
> i have Grib file (a.grib) that what to convert it to netcdf files .
> would you please tell me which command in CDO can do it.
> many thanks in advance
> fereshte
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