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Estefanía Jiménez estefaniajimenez.r at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 12:34:17 EST 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm kind of new in Grads... so can anyone please help me to figure this

/opt/grads30d/bin/gradsc -bpc "run /opt/grads30d/scripts/lats4d.gs -i
/data/CR_presente_1960-1990/binctl/Eta_exp110km1960010100.ctl -o
 ../climat_6190/media_$mes$ano -ftype ctl -format grads_grib -mean -vars
pslm pslc tp2m dp2m u10m v10m prec prcv neve clsf cssf ghfl tsfc qsfc tgsc
tgrz ussl uzrs smav rnof evpp lwnv mdnv hinv cbnt ocis olis oces oles roce
role albe agpl zgeo uvel vvel temp umrl omeg umes -time
00z01$mese[$mes]$ano 18z30$mese[$mes]$ano -levs 1000 925 850 500 250 -table

I know that is running the script lats4d.gs... and that the input
is Eta_exp110km1960010100.ctl and the output is media_$mes$ano... but
that's all! What's -i and -o?? and all those variables??


*Estefanía Jiménez R.*
Departamento de Climatología e Investigaciones Aplicadas
Instituto Meteorológico Nacional
Tel: +506 2222 5616 ext 136
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