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Pou-Chang John Chen wishingwork at yahoo.com.tw
Tue Mar 29 09:46:16 EDT 2011

There are couple ways to convert the display into different type image file, 
including png, jpg, gif, and ps.  
Here is the introduction for that.

I recommend you can print out as ps format which is more precisely to grads 
display settings.


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From: mani kumari <manikumarimsc at gmail.com>
To: gradsusr at gradsusr.org
Sent: Tue, March 29, 2011 3:14:17 PM
Subject: [gradsusr] Request

Dear gradsuser,

                     I am new grads user,  i can plot  but  how can i save that 
plotting image.

D.Mani Kumari
Research Scholar
Dept.of Meteorology&Oceanography
Andhra University

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