[gradsusr] Wind barb

Dr.Gamal El Afandi gamalafandy at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 19:50:15 EDT 2011

Dear All,

I used ARWpost to make .ctl and .dat files from WRF output.
I can show all parameters but when I tried to do  graphics output types vector, 
stream, and barb through these commands:
set gxout vector
set gxout barb
set gxout stream
display u ; v
display ave(u,t=1,t=10) ; ave(v,t=1,t=5) 
display u ; v ; mag(u,v)
display u ; v ; hcurl(u,v) 
To draw a 1-D time series with graphics output types vector or barb, set the 
dimension environment so that only time is varying, then : 

display const(u,0); u ; v 
I did not get any barbs but only shaded graphs although I can show the u and v 
components separately or as velocity.
Please attached is the .ctl file may be something is wrong.

With my kind regards
Dr.Gamal Salah El Afandi,Senior Researcher.
Data to Insight Center of Pervasive Technology Institute
Indiana University Bloomington USA

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