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Pou-Chang John Chen wishingwork at yahoo.com.tw
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Hello Howard

1. display a regular graph to decide the dimension of shapefile
2. query the shapefile with 'q dbf <your_shapefile>', the first element is the 
record number for filling plot
3. choose the the fill color via 'set shpopts <color>' 
4. 'draw shp <your_shapefile> <record_number>'



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Have a look at ftp://iges.org/grads/scripts/shp_demo1.gs

What you need to do is use the 'q dbf' output to loop over each shape in your 
file, decide on the fill color to use based on the data base value for that 
shape, then draw it individually. It's a little slow, but effective. 

On Mar 15, 2011, at 12:44 AM, Metris Limited Forecaster wrote:

Good evening fellow users of Grads
>I have a shapefile set with topography data , and 5 or so contour levels
>I was wanting the methodology for drawing the shapefile in Grads as various grey 
>shaded topography
>as a map background essentially.
>I was wanting clarification on how to use the set shpopts and how to set the 
>ccols for the various levels.
>Howard Staines
>Forecaster Metris Limited
>websited - www.metris.co.nz  - phone 06 8441042 - fax 06 8441046
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