[gradsusr] Structure Of Binary Data

Arlindo da Silva dasilva at alum.mit.edu
Tue Feb 22 21:44:12 EST 2011

2011/2/22 Emrullah Sonuç <esonuc at gmail.com>

> Hello Grads Users,
> I want to write a c/c++ code to read the grads binary data and convert the
> data to ascii output.
> So I have to understand how to write a binary data and what is the
> structure of this

See this:


> .
> Are there any table or scheme for understanding the binary data?
> On the other hand;
> What are the structures of the following grads commands? What do they do to
> file?
> open
> set

Answers to questions like these can be found right at the User's Guide:


> fprintf
There is a Recipe about this:


If you still have questions after reading this documentation please post
your specific questions back here.


Arlindo da Silva
dasilva at alum.mit.edu
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