[gradsusr] Printing out a single value from a grads script

Michael Kevin Hernandez mkh182 at psu.edu
Fri Sep 24 15:33:35 EDT 2010

Dear Grads Users

I am trying to do a simple command (see below):

       "set gxout print"
       "set prnopts %g"
       say "Magnitude of steering at "level1" to "level2""
       "d steering"

The code doesn't print out steering, which is a single value real ("aarea"
of wind).  However in the command prompt i can type: d steering; and the
single value of steering shows up on the terminal.  However, doing this
manually after my code for multiple levels will take too much time.  So can
someone help me?

MK Hernández

 Pennsylvania State University
    Department of Meteorology grad student
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