[gradsusr] Correct displacement between grids

Thiago Veloso thi_veloso at yahoo.com.br
Mon Sep 13 09:29:01 EDT 2010

  Dear GrADS colleagues,
  I need to compare two datasets which are in the same spatial resolution (2.5 degrees), but slightly displaced between each other. For example, the forecasts stretches from longitude 0° to 2.5°, while the observation data (GPCP v2.1) goes from 1.25° to 3.75°. Please refer to the following figure for a visual sample of the problem: http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/7200/griddisplac.png.
  Is there any way to interpolate the observed data to the same grid of forecasted data, so that both grids are entirely overlapped?
  Thanks in advance,
  Thiago Veloso. 

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