[gradsusr] Problem displaying a variable?

Huddleston, John Huddleston at cira.colostate.edu
Sat Sep 11 08:28:54 EDT 2010


Set the name in the control file to be something like

anthro_dust_0.1=>var  0 t,y,x aerosol dust

then 'd var' at the GrADS prompt

John Huddleston
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Subject: [gradsusr] Problem displaying a variable?

Hi all

I have been trying to display a variable anthro_dust_0.1 in an aerosol.nc<http://aerosol.nc> file using GrADS but it gives error: invalid variable name.
I guess that the problem is with the 0.1 used with variable name but I dont know how to deal with it.

Any suggestion?


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