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hi Li,

Here is the procedure which i am following in linux,. Hope it will help you

if you are using linux 32bit OS

download PC(i386) Linux (32bit) from


open teminal then gedit .bashrc (your bash file)

your gradspath (where grads is installed) may be (eg: /home/alice/grads )

export GRADS="/home/your_home/grads"
export GADDIR="/home/your_home/grads/data"
export GASCRP="/home/your_home/grads/lib"

put the following line

export GAUDFT="/home/your_home/grads/udft.txt"

then it will become

export GRADS="/home/your_home/grads"
export GADDIR="/home/your_home/grads/data"
export GASCRP="/home/your_home/grads/lib"
export GAUDFT="/home/your_home/grads/udft.txt"

before the last line ( that is PATH=${PATH}:$GRADS/bin)

save and exit bashrc

then copy the eofudf file from the extracted directory to your grads folder.

then create a blank file called udft.txt inside your grads folder. then add
the following lines to it

eofudf 2 6 expr value value value value char
/your/path/to/eofudf <-- Your path to the eofudf executable

here set the /your/path/to/eofudf as
/home/your_home/grads/eofudf (where you have copied eofudf)
then it will become excatly in format (dont change the order)

eofudf 2 6 expr value value value value char

then as root copy the library file libcxa.so.3 to /usr/lib
from treminal from the extracted folder (ie: cp libcxa.s0.3 /usr/lib)

go to /usr/lib and change its permission with chmod (ie chmod 777
libcxa.so.3)(this is important)

now exit from root

either open a new terminal otherwise in current terminal give command:
source /home/your_home/.bashrc

now open grads and open your data. then type command: q udft
if it is properly installed it will give something like

eofudf Args: 2 6 Exec: /home/your_home/grads/eofudf


now set you time (eg: set t 1 20)

set your lat and lon

then type eof your_variable

it will display and create some output files as ctl and data files which you
can open with grads.


Junior Research Fellow
Department Of Atmospheric Sciences
Cochin University of Science and Technology

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 3:47 PM, Mxing LI <limxing at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi, all
> I downloaded the EOF package (
> http://www.atmos.ucla.edu/~munnich/Grads/EOF/), after configured
> enviroment variables, run eof u in GrADS command line. some errors show as
> following, who can tell me what is wrong. please!
> Writing data to transfer file...
>       Executing eofudf binary ...
> Syntax Error:  Invalid Operand
>   'eofudf' not a variable or function name
>   Error ocurred at column 1
> DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
>   Expression = eofudf(sm,696,12,-1,70,sm_)
>    eof.gs: First call of eofudf returned Error. STOP
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