[gradsusr] help constructing correct URL for server-side analysis

Dallas Masters dallas.masters at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 12:10:23 EDT 2010

I'm trying to construct a URL to obtain an average grid over the time dimension.  The server and data set is at http://agdisc.gsfc.nasa.gov/dods/GLDAS_NOAH10SUBP_3H/.  I would like to obtain an average of the swe variable over a range of times, e.g.00Z01JAN1992:00Z03JAN1992.  The URL I have tried is http://agdisc.gsfc.nasa.gov:80/dods/_expr_{GLDAS_NOAH10SUBP_3H}{ave(swe,t=00Z01JAN1992,t=00Z03JAN1992)}{-179.5:179.5,-59.5:89.5,1:1,00Z01JAN1992:00Z03JAN1992} .  I would expect the result to be a 2-D grid of size (360,150), but I get an error, and I admit that my knowledge of grads syntax is lacking. Can someone familiar with the syntax please help or explain why this won't work? Thanks.

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