regrid 2.5x2.5 to t30 problem

Joyce Meyerson hobo at ATMOS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Jun 22 19:12:53 EDT 2009


I'm trying to regrid a 2.5x2.5 uniform grid (144 x 72) to t30 gaussian
grid (96x48) using box averaging with "voting" as in the example in
the regrid2.doc file.
define prect30=regrid(prec,96,48,vt,0.60,0.20) and I get 4 x 5 points
total in the new grid.  Plus the lon extent only goes from 0 264. I
have also tried just box averaging (regrid,96,48)with the same result.
This seems to be the result of my not inputting a specific dx and dy
but I'm going to a gaussian (non-uniform) grid.
What am I doing wrong?

ga[2]> define pt30=regrid(prec,96,48,vt,0.60,0.20)
  number of arguments =            6

the output grid is UNIFORM lat/lon:
dx = 96.00 deg and dy = 48.00 deg
# points in i(lon) =   4  # points j(lat) =   5
lon extent =    0.00 to  264.00 lat extend = -90.00 to  90.00
regrid method is: box averaging with VOTING
vote parameters:  max fract area = 0.60  min frac area = 0.20


P.S. the example in regrid2.doc gives define i21=regrid(index,
48,40,12,0.60,0.20). Does anyone know what the "12" in the C1 option

Joyce E. Meyerson
Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Climate Systems Interactions Group
Math Science 7235
hobo at

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