searching for .ctl file of ecmwf-yotc high resolution grib files

Mon Jun 8 00:37:47 EDT 2009

Dear GrADS usre's gorup,
                        I have downloaded 6-hourly high resolution forecast and analyzed
data of horizontal wind field from the yotc data server
( and All the data are
in grib format.I am not getting the .ctl file of these grib files. What is the default
resolution of the grib files? How can I convert the grib files into the binary and ASCII
files? I will be very obliged if someone provide the corresponding .ctl file and answer
the above queries.I have tried with the command, but the code is showing
error at the line no. 437 with the message "Use of uninitialized value in string eq at
/usr/local/grads/bin/ line 437.
*** script needs to be modified ***
unknown user-defined grid"

 Thanking you and with regards,
Saumyendu De

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