function int

Tetsuo Nakazawa nakazawa at MRI-JMA.GO.JP
Thu Jun 4 21:17:23 EDT 2009

Dear Mike-sama,
> there is no grads function int, but there is a script function
> math_int.
> if you really wanted to convert a grads expression to an integer,
> you'd
> have to implement as an extension, but it looks like you want to
> convert
> a script variable to int, so use math_int...

  I changed the script using math_int, as follows, but the similar error
message came.

'open anal_p.ctl'
'set lon 30 180'
'set lat -40 40'
'd i0'
'd math_int(i0)'

Syntax Error:  Invalid Operand
   'math_int' not a variable or function name
   Error ocurred at column 1
DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
   Expression = math_int(i0)

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