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On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 9:25 AM, Eric Wolvovsky <Eric.Wolvovsky at>wrote:

> I have the attached GrADS files running daily in a batch job. For years
> they were ok, this morning however they began failing, as do files from
> earlier days that had once worked (like the sample file attached).  I
> haven't changed anything within the files, nor the batch job. Any
> thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I cannot seem to
> narrow down the problem.
> The version of GrADS I am running is: GrADS1.8sl9.win32

Recent Windows updates have started to break these 10 year old builds of
Win32 GrADS. You best bet is to upgrade to either v2.0 (if it has all the
features you need) or v1.9.-rc1, see for example:


These are the unofficial OpenGrADS builds; I suggest you install the Win32
superpack. You can also obtain an official Win32 build for v2.0 from COLA:


    Good Luck,


Arlindo da Silva
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