scripting question about 'define' and 'set defval'

Pablo Romero romero619 at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 7 18:30:09 EST 2009

I think Im missing something obvious, but I cant feed a variable created using 'define' into the 'set defval' function...right now, Im using 'query define' in order to retrieve the value, but Im hoping there's a better, easier, more reliable way... 'define newvar=aave(myvar,x='x1',x='x2',y='y1',y='y2')''q define' *assuming newvar is the ONLY defined variable, I can do this...'theVal=sublin(result,1)'theVal=subwrd(theVal,2)'set defval ht 'i' 'j' 'theVal is there a simpler way to access my 'newvar' value, without having to 'query define' in order to get it?Please help, thanks...P.Romero
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