g2ctl fatal error

Pierre Cassar cassar at PILOTBOOK.EU
Mon Jan 5 05:47:53 EST 2009

Wesley Ebisuzaki wrote:

> Hi Pierre,
> You need a new version of wgrib2. The -ctl_ens option was added with v0.1.7.7g 10/2008.
> Happy new year,
> Wesley

Thank you Wesley for your note.

Unfortunately I tested wgrib2.v1.7.7d from
ftp://ftp.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/wd51we/wgrib2 on Windows Vista but it
always crashes (UAC on/off, Administrator on/off, etc).
The latest windows build running on Vista is the
Where can I find wgrib2 version 1.7.7d (or later) running on Windows
Moreover I was not able to find a Freebsd 6.3 (and possibly 7.0) build
for version 1.7.7d or later. My latest working wgrib2 build for
Freebsd is the

Thank you.

Pierre Cassar.

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