OpenGrADS Bundle v2.0.a5.oga.1 available

Valerio Guerra meteo at SPORT123.IT
Wed Feb 25 05:00:20 EST 2009

Arlindo da Silva wrote:
> I have started uploading to sources and binaries for the
> OpenGrADS Bundle based on COLA's 2.0.a5 release:

Thank you very much, Arlindo!
Do you plan to release also a version for Freebsd 7.x 64bit?

> The idea is to have a single package that require
> no (minimum?) configuration and that is easily relocatable (say to
> a USB memory stick)

This is really very interesting, a good idea.

Anyway I placed the Linux 32bit version on an USB key and on SDHC memory stick and both didn't worked on my Asus EeePC-Xandros (strange utime problems with gzip/tar and permission problems if I copy the 'Contents' directory from a windows machine). BTW the standard Grads2 binaries for Linux work on my EeePC.

Yes, of course EeePC is not the best solution to run Grads :-)

Thank you again.

Valerio Guerra

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