display station data over grided data with the same color key

Costas Douvis cdouvis at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 18 12:45:09 EST 2009

Hi everyone

Here's what I'm trying to do. I have 2 data sets. One is gridded (model output) and one is station data. So in order to compare them I want to display first the gridded data and then the station data as little circles whose color is determined by the color key of the shaded data. I thought that this would be very easy to do but so far it doesn't seem to work. I might be doing something wrong. These are the commands that I used:

open ModelData.ctl
open StationData.ctl

set gxout shaded
set clevs 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33
d t2m
set dfile 2
set gxout stnmark
set cmark 3
set clevs 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33
d temp

This plots the circles in the right place but they are white. And if I press "d temp" again it does the same thing only with changing color and mark (square, cross, empty circle etc.)

I'm using ubuntu 8.10 and I have tried with the precompiled binaries for grads 2.0.a2, 2.0.a3 and 2.0.a5

Any ideas?

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