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> Hi,
> I'm using a 0.5x0.5 resolution for GFS data. Ideally within a grid box,
> there could be a few towns and cities that I would like produce data for
> e.g. tmp2m at a fixed lat/lon. Is there anyway to get the resolution finer
> -
> say to 0.25x0.25 in order to get more values?

A simple, brute force way is use an interpolation function such as linterp()
or re() to defined your variable on a higher resoution grid, then work from
that defined variable. For this to work you have to create a fake.ctl that
defines this high resolution grid, e.g.,

dset fake.dat
options template
xdef ...
ydef ...
zdef ..
tdef ...
vars 1
var 0 0 dymmy

(the data file fake.dat does not have to exist.) Then,

ga-> open model
ga-> open fake
ga-> set dfile 2   (now you are in the fine resolution dimension
ga> define ts_fine = re(ts.1,0.25)

then use ts_fine in your plots. Another possibility is to use PDEF to have
this interpolation done on the fly, behind the scenes.


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