using templates with forecast files

Roz MacCracken rozmac at IGES.ORG
Wed Oct 15 17:33:26 EDT 2008

I am trying to create a templated control file for a couple of forecast files.

I have files with the name: - (there are 6 files
total).  I have created control files called:
eta6.awipsf06.ctl - eta6.awipsf36.ctl  (mainly because I can't get the
%f2 option to work in my grads scripts.)

 Then, I created an index file called eta6.awipsf06.idx, using:
gribmap -i eta6.awipsf06.ctl,
which was created without errors.

I can display data using the respective control file, pointing
at the corresponding index file.  (this is without templating).  So,
the control files do display data without templating.

I have changed the dset line in the control file to:
dset ^, changed tdef to 999,
and have added the "options template" to the control file.

I have 2 questions..fairly easy, but, I can't get this to work...

First, when I change the control file to the dset, and "options template"
above, and "set t 1", I get the error, "Undefined Grid", with no data.
Is there something that I've missed doing in my control file so that
I can display data using a template?

Should I have changed the dset to  And,
if this is a better way, how do you set the date within a
grads script to get it to display the forecasted time?
(i.e., "set time 12Z14Oct2008(f=12)"...that may not be right...)


Roz MacCracken

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