on the fortran

Sat May 31 02:28:10 EDT 2008

Dear Jayakrishnan,
Thank you for your response on my problem. Presented below is the summary of a dummy data that I have.

column 1: range (m)
column 2: azimuth (degrees)
column 3: height (m)
column 4: velocity (m/s)
column 5: SN ratio
column 6: Doppler velocity
column 7: Velocity width

It should be remarked that columns 1 and 3 have exactly the same value because the measurement mode is such that the range is equal to the height.
Another fact is that I`ll like the program to ignore columns 2 3 and 4, so that I`m left with columns 1, 5 6 and 7. What I want to do is to plot the range against SN ratio, doppler velocity and velocity width.

Thank you for your anticipated favourable response!

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