Opening multiple files in Grads 2.0.a1

Matt Jeglum m.jeglum at UTAH.EDU
Thu May 29 13:05:42 EDT 2008


I have been having issues with grads being able to open say, 5 files, and then perform operation
with each.  I am trying to make a script that opens multiple files, then plots a trajectory from each
one successively.  If I simply copy and paste the code many times, closing each file before
opening a new one, it works fine.  But if I open all the files, then try to make trajectories with
file.2, file.3 etc I get this:

9 -116.10568223158 34.9808109972745
Data Request Warning:  Request beyond file limits
Non-numeric args to numeric operation
  Error occurred on line 161
  In file
  Error occurred on line 84
  In file

Displaying a file if it is the only one works fine as well, but displaying it as the third file gives this:

ga-> d ugrdprs.3
Notice:  Automatic Grid Interpolation Taking Place
Data Request Warning:  Request beyond file limits
  Entire grid contents are set to missing data
  Dimension ranges are:  X = 1 301  Y = 1 151  Z = 1 3  T = -31 16  E = 1 1
  Warning issued for variable = ugrdprs.3
Cannot contour grid - all undefined values

Any ideas why this would happen?

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