grads 2.0.a2 segfault

Stefan Gofferje gradsusers at GOFFERJE.HOMELINUX.ORG
Mon May 19 11:25:05 EDT 2008

Arlindo da Silva schrieb:

> Hmm... It is possible that you are running short of memory? Run "top" in
> a separate window and monitor what is happening to your memory usage as
> your script runs. As Jennifer explained the other day, v2 does a lot of
> in-memory caching for speeding up Grib-2 I/O. You may need to reduce the
> Grib-2 cache size (see command line option "-n").

Confirmed. I'm running out of mem... :)
Going to make my local hardware dealer happy :).

Greetings from Finland,
Stefan Gofferje

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