Gribmap in GrADS 2: index file not portable to other endianess

Jennifer Adams jma at COLA.IGES.ORG
Mon May 12 13:35:21 EDT 2008

The index files should be usable on both big and little endian
machines. I will look into why this feature is no longer working in
version 2.0. N.B. GrADS 1.9 cannot handle index files created with
the gribmap in GrADS 2.0.


On May 11, 2008, at 8:25 PM, Arlindo da Silva wrote:

> Jennifer,
>   In GrADS v1 the index file created by gribmap used to endianess-
> portable. The same index file could be used on both little and big-
> endian machines alike. I just tried the *.idx file created on my
> Mac PPC with "a2" and it does not work on Linux. If I rerun gribmap
> on Linux it produces a different idx file, and now GrADS v2 can
> read my Grib-2 file just fine.
>   Being able to use the same idx on different machine is very
> important for people distributing data on DVDs.
>        Arlindo
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