Non Default contour map

Luis Aimola luis.aimola at WEIZMANN.AC.IL
Mon May 12 03:09:02 EDT 2008

Dear GRADS colleagues:

I need to display another contour for the continents for the LGM time and to show the prognostic variables over this new background. I know don't display the GRADS default contour map for the actual continents (set mpdraw off) but I don't know how to get display  a new contour as a backgournd. I have as output from my model the new land contour in the binary file format. Is possible superpose both images? That means: to superpose the image of my prognostic variable (e. g. Precipitation) over the LGM contour of the continents?
How to do that?
I will be very gratefull if someone can help me.


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