gxeps command

Douglas Clark dbcl at CEH.AC.UK
Wed May 7 03:48:49 EDT 2008

Luis, Teresa,

You can now create an EPS file directly from GrADS, without having to first create a metafile,

'print -c -o out.eps'

This form of the print command accepts most of the options that gxeps accepts, and has been available in GrADS for a year or two (I'm not sure since what version).


>>> crancyfera at GMAIL.COM 07/05/2008 08:39 >>>
Hi Luis,

the problem could be the path of gxeps command.

I use this:

.. display graphics ...
'enable print out.mf'
'disable print'
'!/usr/local/bin/gxeps -c -i out.mf -o file.ps'
'!rm out.mf'
'!mv file.ps 'dirout

good lucky ;)


2008/5/7 Luis Aimola <luis.aimola at weizmann.ac.il>:
> Dears GRADS colleagues:
> I'm trying print some images form a GRADS script but dont got yet.
> The sequence that I'm using is:
> 'c'
> 'enable print filename'
> ---here I put the script to display grafics
> 'print'
> 'disable print'
> '!gxeps -i filename -o newname.eps'
> the massdage that show is:
> sh: gxeps: command not found
> And I don't get to open the images .JPEG and the script don't creters the
> .eps files.
> Someone could help me.
> Thank you very much.
> Regards.
> Luis

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