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Tue May 6 18:35:46 EDT 2008

Xiaofeng Gong,

Please find attached a GrADS script "plot_cyclone_track-interactive.gs"
which I hope may be helpful to you...
The script is designed to prompt the user to define a rectangular area
within which to search for local extremes in pressure, vorticity, or
wind speed, and also to save the extreme values for labeling the track
points later.  This labeling is also interactive, and you also specify
scale factors and math formats for the numerical labels (e.g. "hPa" for
pressure, then set the scale to 0.01 to convert from Pa to hPa);  note,
it is up to the user to make sure the units and scale factors are
consistent with each other (units are placed in the legend).

Please let me know if you have any questions about the script and/or if
you find any problems with it, OK?  One thing I noticed is that it is
possible that two (or more) time levels may be plotted at the same (x,y)
location, so that in this case it may be messy to plot more than one
label... For now, code has been added to prompt the user on what to do;
note, the user will not be notified of an overlapping point until after
a label may have already been plotted there, so that for a stationary
cyclone, only the earliest time can be plotted... Please let me know if
you have ideas on this, OK?


Xiaofeng Gong wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to plot a storm track in a base map. How to connect a few
> points to a line (or a track)? it seems that using 'draw line' will be
> appropriate.
> Basically, in my data file, saying only three grid points have values, the
> rest of the map are undefined. I need to connect these three points which
> are actually the storm track i want to plot. Can someone share your tricks
> and experience with me?
> Thanks!
> Xiaofeng


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