Unstable (?) GrADS v1.9.0-rc1

See Hai Ooi axl419 at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 4 00:20:16 EDT 2008

Dear Mr Arlindo,

     What does it imply if a problem is reproducible ?

     As some of my scripts involve similar methodology, I had spent the past few days to try to resolve the problem.  I found the solution but I am not very sure about the cause behind it.  

     (1) In script 1, if I do not insert 'set lon 90' and 'set lat -5' before x'k' and I put 'close '1 after xbar, the reproducible error occurs [ e.g. data request error, invalid grid coordinates, varying dimension 0 decreses etc.].
     (2) In script 2, it is the same as (1) except that I put in 'set lon 90' and 'set lat -5'.  The output is found to be perfect.
     (3) In script 3, the 'set lon 90' and 'set lat -5' are deleted and the 'close '1 is moved to the end of the script.  The output is alright.

     I am aware that 'aave' of a parameter gives me a single value.  It appears to me that it needs a preset environment [like (2) or (3)] to ensure that the subsequent computation (after xbar) can be done correctly.  It may have linkage to the logic of computation as crafted by the developer.  Am I right ?

     For your information, my friend, Dr Hamza, told me that I need to insert "set lon 90" and "set lat -5" etc beforehand to ensure that aave gives correct result.  I tested it and found that it is not necessary.  But I used his suggestion to find out its impact on my test scripts of 1, 2 and 3 as attached in this email.  With the above information, grateful if you could kindly help to identify the cause of my problem even though I know I can use my script 3 safely.

     Best regards.

Ooi See Hai

--- On Fri, 2/5/08, See Hai Ooi <axl419 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> From: See Hai Ooi <axl419 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: Unstable (?) GrADS v1.9.0-rc1
> Cc: dasilva at ALUM.MIT.EDU
> Date: Friday, 2 May, 2008, 8:48 PM
> Dear Mr Arlindo,
>      I checked all my hardware and system and they are
> found to be in healthy status.  Yes, this problem is
> reproducible.  Also, by reinitialising twice immediately
> after this problem to run my script again, the output was
> found to be perfect !  By the way, before encountering the
> problem as a result of my running the script, I installed
> your pygrads superpack to have a preview. I thought this
> might come into conflict with win GrADS.  I therefore
> removed the pygrads but my problem still persists.  I am
> puzzled.
>      Thanks and regards.
> Ooi
> Dear Mr Ranyere Nobrega,
>      I did try to alter / and \ but this had no impact
> to resolve my problem.  Thanks for your suggestion.

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