GrADS on Vista

Holman,Diane [NHRC] Diane.Holman at EC.GC.CA
Tue Mar 18 18:50:45 EDT 2008

If there are developers on this list, I would like to point out an
annoying little detail about the "set mpdset" command.
If you have this line in your grads script:
    'set mpdset myMapFile'
Grads reads it as, 'set mpdset mymapfile'. It then checks the directory
for 'mymapfile', which does not exist.
When I type 'set mpdset myMapFile' into the pcgrads gui, it does not
change it to lower case.
If you make your own map file, you must name it in lower case letters in
order to add it into a script. But I didn't see that bit of information
anywhere in the documentation. Actually, for that command, there is
hardly any information. 
I'm wondering if you could put part of your grads development into
increasing the amount and the quality of the documentation?
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