Problem with station data

MENEGOZ Martin martin.menegoz at CNRM.METEO.FR
Mon Mar 10 05:35:59 EDT 2008

I don't manage to display station data.
I have tried to write data both in direct and sequentiel access ;
In the case of binary file written in direct acces, I can run stnmap
utility, but I can't see anything on grads maps...
In the case of binary file written in sequential acces, I can't run
stnmap utility ;
here is the message error returned when stnmap is run :
Starting scan of station data binary file.
Binary data file open: tab_sulphate_aerosol.dat
Processing time = 1
  Invalid station hdr found in station binary file
  Possible causes:  Invalid level count in hdr
                    Descriptor file mismatch
                    File not station data
                    Invalid relative time
                    Invalid sequential format
    levs = 16777216  flag = 452984832  time = 2.35099e-38

Maybe someone has an idea aubout the problem ?
If needed, I've put in attachment the script to write data and the
fortran program that I've used.

Thank you in advance,

Martin Menegoz

  Martin MENEGOZ.................. Tel : +33 (0)5 61 07 96 18
  CNRM/GMGEC/UDC.................. Fax : +33 (0)5 61 07 96 10
  Mailto : martin.menegoz at
  42, avenue Gaspard Coriolis 31057 TOULOUSE Cedex, FRANCE

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