how to invert vertical axis

Simon Krichak shimon at CYCLONE.TAU.AC.IL
Fri Mar 7 13:36:30 EST 2008

Dear Sri and Eric,

Thanks much.


Try 'set yflip on' before displaying the data.

Best regards,

Eric L. Altshuler

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> Hi Simon,
> did you try
> 'set yflip on'
> 'd var'

> Quoting Simon Krichak <shimon at CYCLONE.TAU.AC.IL>:
>> Hi,
>> I have wind data defined at sigma coordinate levels from 1 to .1.
>> So, when I draw vertical cross-sections the top level winds are=20
>> givel in the bottom part of the graph. Is there a way to invert the =
>> axes?
>> Simon
>> S.O. Krichak

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