Wgrib2 on FreeBSD again

Valerio Guerra meteo at SPORT123.IT
Wed Mar 5 08:36:47 EST 2008

Hi All,

I've been performing *simple tests* for a couple of weeks on Arlindo's 'wgrib2' FreeBSD build: no problems up till now.
Now I'm trying more accurate tests and unfortunately I discovered a problem in the current build available at 'http://opengrads.org/pre-rel/FreeBSD/wgrib2'.

For instance the following command:
> wgrib2 -match ":APCP" source.grb2 -grib rain.grb2

fails with the error:
> MATCH package not installed

Yes, I know I could use the equivalent command:
> wgrib2 source.grb2 | grep ":APCP" | wgrib2 -i source.grb2 -grib rain.grb2

but I would like to have a *full version* of wgrib2 for FreeBSD if possible.

What's the 'MATCH' package?
What to do?

Thank you very much.

Valerio Guerra

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