Mercator Projections?

Sestak, Michael L CIV 63134 michael.l.sestak at NAVY.MIL
Mon Jun 16 10:09:32 EDT 2008

Grads always plots in lat/lon coordinates.  It can interpolate grids that are in some other projections to lat/lon, but not the other way arround.  I think GMT can convert between projections and plot the results.  It is not as simple to use as grads, though.

From: Graeme Rae
Sent: Mon 6/16/2008 5:46
Subject: Mercator Projections?

I've seen a couple of references in the archives to being able to either do a Mercator projection by
adjusting the ylevels or using a version of GrADS that has this built in.  Has anyone successfully done
either of these?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The data sets I have are all in  Lat/Lon/Variable format, but I need to display them on a 'standard'
rectangular Mercator grid;  linear Lon, but variable spaced lat.


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