Zhenhao Bao z3bao at UWATERLOO.CA
Tue Jun 3 10:04:03 EDT 2008

Hi Shunjie,
     It is a output command in GrADS. While you open a *.ctl file, you
might output this file by fwrite command.  For example,
     ga> fwrite aaa.dat.
     ga> set gxout fwrite
     ga> d prec
     The aaa.dat will write in present directory.

        Good luck!


Quoting Shun Jie Liu <shun.jie.liu at INVENIA.CA>:

> Hello, can anyone tell me what is fwrite ?
>> From the ignes website, I know it writes to a data output but how
>> are the data are stored (format)? and how can I read them ?
> Thank you
> - Shunjie
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